Aeros Layout could be the perfect digital mixing desk stompbox?

Hey loopers and pedal enthusiasts.

I don’t know about you guys, but I spend a lot of time patching in my cables from loop pedals, into a mixing desk and keeping clean cable management can be a real task.

I though about the idea of having a mixer on the pedalboard and realised that the aeros shell/controls has so much potential to be reworked into a pedal mixing desk.

When on a gig, i’d love to be able to toggle between my channels/aux/master with the bottom left button, and bring volumes up and down with the middle and right button (or the scrollwheel). This would make volume changes a handsfree dream (when the venue needs you to turn up or down quickly midsong)

The touchscreen is where you could access mixer fx such as reverb/delays. You could probably run gain digitally inside the unit and have graphic eq’s that you could tweak.

If Singular sounds were to build a pedal like this, I’d love to see them add XLR out for Main L/R, 1 aux out. I’d personally use 2 xlr channels as inputs but I’m sure others would be wanting close to 4 input channels plus an aux/mp3 in.

Anyone else think this would be a groundbreaking product? And if so, what things would you be keen to see on a mixing desk pedal?

Singular Sounds I know it’s a big ask, but can we please look at making this happen? <3

Lots of things the Aeros format could be. Looper, mixer, field recorder, etc.

First the Aeros needs to be feature complete, largely bug free, and polished. Similar for the other products and features (Beat Buddy, Autopilot, BBM, etc).

Love the idea. It comes at a huge risk of losing focus and spreading the company too thin across too many products.

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Well said Quad. Let’s just get this thing working well first.

EAE Elite Acoustics makes a few mixers in a stompbox format.

Ive had a look at their stompmix 4 and stompmix 6 in the past. I think the 4 lacks foot control, and the 6 looks like a beast in size.
I just thought id bring up the idea because a well designed mixer pedal from Singular Sounds would end up being popular with solo/duo acts looking to streamline their set up