Aeros locks down when trying to save song

I think I found a bug. I’m on the latest official firmware (not the beta one with the freeform mode).

Here’s what I did and what the Aeros did then:
I recorded silence on all 6 tracks on all 6 song parts. The length of each track in each song part is always the same:
Track 1: 1 measure
Track 2: 4 measures
Track 3: 4 measures
Track 4: 8 measures
Track 5: 8 measures
Track 6: 16 measures
(on all 6 song parts)
The BPM is 105.

When I try to save the song, the Aeros immediately shows the image of the Booting Screen (the Aeros Loop Studio screen that is shown when you turn the device on).

The Aeros is in a locked state then, nothing happens. You have to turn it off and on again. When the Aeros has rebooted, you can see that the song hasn’t been saved.

I tried it again, the most I managed to save is:
4 song parts with 6 tracks. When I add a fifth part and then try to save it, the Aeros becomes locked/dead again.

Maybe it has something to do with the disk space available on the Aeros? Anyways, it shouldn’t lock down (so that you have to turn it off and on again) but rather give you a notice that the size of the file exceeds the remaining storage.

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Nice report!

Sounds like it’s reproducible which makes it fixable.

I have also experienced this. Looking forward to hearing the solution.