Aeros loop Inputs and Mixer

hi all,
I noticed on my Aeros loop when I connect my Headrush MX5 (or any other modeler, effects or only guitar) to the L(mono) In , then the L(mono) OUT to the mixer and a dynamic mic to the Right IN then the Right Out to the mixer, I don’t have two indipendent signals…It means that with the Aeros Loop cannot we control two indipendent devices?
I noticed the same on the AUX Inputs.
So It’s very annoying have a great machine that cannot works with 2 or 3 devices simoultanesly.
SOMEBODY here can help me with any tricks or best suggestions?
I need to use my Aeros with guitar, voice and compact synth (Arturia MicroFreak)
Thx to all


This response may be the answer to your question

The Aeros is not however a “multitracking” looper, the audio that is recorded into any of the inputs will be written to any track that is currently recording/overdubbing. If you record and playback in stereo, you can separate the L/R channels to their own speakers but cannot separate Main L from Aux L or Main R from Aux R.

This may change in the near future but there is still some question of how much further we can push internal routing, so stay tuned!

In essence, if you record each instrument one by one, you should have no real issue doing this.

Thanks for the question

Also, this may be related:

If you set the Aeros to Stereo, the L/R signals will be split, mono combines all signals, it does not provide a “dual-mono” scenario.

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So, if I got it, once I set Aeros in stereo mode, can I connect signal L to Line 1 through the mixer and signal R to Line 2 ( always by mixer) and I get the signals splitted (means indipendent?).
Mono cables should be fine?
thank u

@Stef67 in stereo, you will have two independent signals but understand both channels will record (or playback) at the same time. For instance, you can’t record a guitar in the left channel and then record bass in the right channel later. You could however, record you and another musician simultaneously on independent channels.

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Thank you so much

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