Aeros Loop Station, 2x2 mode, recording on track #2

I’ve been using my BB and Aeros for basic drum and bass backing tracks while I handle live guitar and vocals over the top (simple three piece power pop), and since the record time was expanded, I record my bass parts on the Aeros in the 2x2 mode in the same manner that I do single tracks on my DAW. I have about 60 songs that work pretty well but now I’d like to add a 2nd guitar for accents in certain parts. I know that the 2x2 mode offers 2 parallel tracks and that’s all I’d need, but I’m having a hard time trying to find instructions on how to record onto the second parallel track when triggering the recording by the BB.

Also, is it possible to save a tempo change live directly onto the BB pedal without having to go into the BB manager to do it?

You don’t need to to trigger the BB to record on the second part, It doesn’t work like that
When you change the part of the looper with the BB, it go to the first track of the part

Just use the same beat, or change the part with BB and use the overdub (middle switch) to record

Hey there, unfortunately the Aeros only automatically records the first track from a stopped state, however you could have the BB running and bring the second track in while the Aeros is stopped.

Yes! Easy just hold the Tempo knob down while the song is open and set to your desired tempo. Also, make sure that the Default Tempo setting is enabled, this is on by default. (Main Pedal > Default Tempo > Enable/Disable)

Hope this is helpful!

Let me know if you have more questions!

Thanks so much - I’ll give it a try, but I’m having trouble wrapping my arms around how I’d have the BB running and then bring the 2nd track in while the Aeros is stopped. If the Aeros is stopped, how would I lay the track in on it? As it stands now the bass is laid in on track 1 (over which runs the BB and I play live guitar) - to add the rhythm guitar accents on parallel track 2 while hearing the BB to keep time, how would I accomplish this? I could get by with hearing just the drums for timing purposes while laying the track in…

Is the issue you don’t want anyone to hear track 1 while you record track 2?

Have you considered muting or undoing track 1 once it is is recorded so that you don’t have to stop the Aeros to record a second track?

Let me know if I’m understanding what you need here, thanks