Aeros loop studio changing parts

I record one track in 2x2 and over dub but try to record next part (2nd track) I get lost. I tried using BB to transition but Aeros didn’t switch to 2nd track, so I tried getting to 2nd track on Aeros by pushing next and it is confusing me. I want to record 1rst tracks with overdub lead, and then record 2nd tracks in next part. Into, verse and switch to choros and back to verses. I’m working on it in as many ways as I can dream up but it is a nightmare lol. I am new to this and having fun but almost giving up on Aeros.

Remember that a second track is different than a second part. Also, the BB can send a “next part” command to the Aeros to allow you to go to that second part, but you have to make sure you’ve enabled those commands on the Aeros and BB. As far as I know, the BB cannot tell Aeros to start recording a second track on the same part…you would use the middle (left) record switch to record to that track on the Aeros. Then you could use the BB to switch to the second part (think of that like going from a verse to a chorus), and have two new open tracks to record on using the Aeros record switches. Hope that makes sense. It’s really a fun tool once you get used to it.

Yeah it’s fun, but I have to as you say get used to it lol. It’s a challenge

The biggest thing to get used to here is the divide between 2x2 and 6x6 controls and also getting used to everything you see within one part as tracks. If you hit next part and you have not “locked” a track in 2x2, there will be two new tracks. If you do lock track one, it will playback in both parts.

Locking the track isn’t something I’ve tried yet, but I will definitely do it and see /hear what happens. I think that will open up a few more possibilities. Thanks for the info, I’m not great with electronics and computers, kinda like a reluctant dinosaur with the computer age. Resistance is futile, to requote the Borg on Startreck lol. I will be assimilated.

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