Aeros Loop Studio Unrounded Multiply?

I have been looping for well over 20 years with a pair of Echoplex Digital Pros. I was wondering Aeros Loop Studio has something like an unrounded multiply:
Say you have 1 loop that is non-rhythmic, and 8.4 seconds. I’d like to be able re-define the start point, say, at 5.4 seconds, have it repeat a few times, and end somewhere in the middle of the 7th repetition of the original loop, re-defining an end point. The new loop is now rhythmic, and about 40 seconds long.
So, is this idea possible or not with the current firmware version?

This isn’t possible in the current firmware version. I’ll pass it along to David and the engineers to see if it’s something that can be included in a future firmware update.


Thank you. This is a single feature which prevents me from switching to more modern loopers.