Aeros Loop Studio wav files

Hi. I just read the note below in the manual. Any chance this step can be eliminated in a future update? It would be nice to have the choice to export the wav files as heard on the Aeros without having to trim them ourselves to avoid that awful audio blip you get when looping.

Thanks! - Josh

NOTE: The Aeros adds 360 samples/frames in 44.1kHz to every loop in order to improve fade out popping, in order to use the loops as heard on the Aeros, you must remove the 360 samples from the end of the WAV file.

I use the Aeros WAV files as instruments in BB drumsets and haven’t noticed any issues. But I run and export them in Audacity first.

Thanks Terry. Did you remove the 360 samples from the end of the tracks in Audacity or did you just export the wav without any editing?


Just exported. I usually do a bit of fiddling with volume etc before I export.

Unfortunately, no

This is integral to how the Aeros works and avoids pops at the crossfade

We may look into exporting files without the 360 extra samples soon but this is not a current priority

Thanks for the question