Aeros Loop Volume very low compared to live?

Hi - need help: (i am a fairly longtime user and had been getting good results, but now having trouble) doing simple loop. Just recording acoustic guitar to play over. meter on Aeros for recording is approx top of green/slightly yellow meter when recording, but my live guitar is very much louder than the loop (also loop sounds lower quality, not distorted, just not as clear). If i boost level into the aeros to record louder, the live guitar also gets louder (too loud), and recording is still a good bit lower than the same guitar/same settings live? I have aeros output set to mono (just using left/mono out to mixer). guitar is only going through aeros (no duplicate input/output)… any ideas? Thanks!

I had stereo set in one place and mono another. And had inconsistant levels. Some time ago.

Thanks for the tip! Pretty sure i have it consistently mono through the whole chain, but will double check. I was able to get better results with higher recording levels… more consistently in the yellow. I think they are working on better ways to control the levels in general, which would really be great!

The last thing in my chain is Amp Sim two notes. And I never have to boost anything. Its the opposite. I’ battle to much gain in my chain. I’ve had fx pedals give me weird levels/noise after transport. Found it was a ground switch on the two notes…when it wasn’t a knob.

Hi I changed it from from instrument to line and found it better. I I’m running other pedals in the chain. May want to experiment between the recording level line level or instrument .