Aeros Looper Count-in and Click track not audible

Just got the looper. For some reason, there’s no sound for count-in or click track. Nothing. Any help is appreciated. I just downloaded the latest firmware update on 4/18/20.

Ugh… I kept going to the settings in the song and looking for it. Contacted Sweetwater rep where I bought and it and, Tyler, told me to look in the main settings. I know very obvious, don’t know how I missed it, but I kept going to the song setting section. Arghh…

Of course it’s right there in the device settings. I would recommend that it defaults to standard mono out… Because… unless you select that, it doesn’t play the click track or the count.

All is good.

Hey there, we haven’t experienced that at all, you’re saying every time the Audio Output is on stereo you can’t hear the click?

Nope. I just purchased the looper. And I did not setup any output in the settings for the click track and count in. The default is set to nothing selected.

I kept looking in the song settings and forgot to look in the Device settings to set the output for the click track and count in.

My suggestion is to make the mono output the default output already selected when you start up the product from scratch.

Hope that makes sense…

Just to be clear, your note about the click and the mono output are separate issue correct? Mono vs stereo playback does not affect click playback routing

Correct. There’s only one issue. Click playback. It’s fixed After I made the change in settings, device settings to be specific

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We have changed it to be set to mono by default, this will be available soon!

Cool. That should work for most peeps and save them time hunting around on where to set that up.