Aeros Looper Footswitch song switching

I had posted this under general discussions, but since this may be a feature request, perhaps this is a better category :slight_smile:

This could be a feature request if it is currently not possible :

With a song currently selected on the Aeros looper, with the song stopped, is there a way to select move up/down one song or get into song-selection mode with a footswitch ? I’d rather not need to bend down and press the song-selection icon the the pedal screen.

Also, can Beatbuddy send a next/previous song midi message to the Aeros ?

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Does the Singular Sound support/development team typically comment on this type of feature request ? I haven’t seen such a response.

I don’t think I would want to purchase the Midi Maestro just for this one function.

I’m guessing an Aeros footswitch function to enter song-selection mode could be added as a long foot-switch press or double press ?

Chris G

Hi. Can anyone offer a suggestion to me as to why there are no responses to this from Singular support ? Have I used the wrong forum ?

Thanks !

This is the right place. I think Singular Sound is at Winter NAAM and as they find time, they’ll try to answer. I know Support has been picking up some of the slack.

Thanks very much for that info.