Aeros looper newbie. Metronome question

Hey everybody, new Aeros loop station user. Full time player hoping to be able to convert from the boss pedals to this soon!

Other than a $300 midi maestro or a beat buddy pedal (that i wont use) it there a way to adjust the bpm other than using the stomp feature? Just a few clicks in either direction is all i ask.

Maybe something with the wheel?

Thanks in advance

No need to post the same question twice in two threads.

Later on this morning I will remove your other thread.

I think you have a tap tempo on the Aeros. But work only before you start your song

@persist I hope you will be kind enough to post the link to the similar thread. You sounded pretty snarky. Frankly I find this forum rather difficult to search for topics. I’m not the most yeah savvy I’ll admit.

Sorry. Did not mean to offend.

@persist sorry. I thought the 1st one didnt post.

My question though is lets say i want to lay out a song at 90 bpm. With the tap tempo lets say i get it at a reasonably close 88. Is there a way to bump it up to 90 other than re tapping til i find it?

I believe once you have recorded you are committed. No fudging after that.

I’m just referring to the tempo before I start looping

Hey there, as long as you do not have MIDI Sync on (connected to a master clock) the Aeros will allow you to set the tempo using tap tempo. This is done by tapping the bottom-left button. The song must by completely empty for this to work.

If you are trying to avoid this, you must edit the song (pencil icon) and use the tempo setting to adjust the tempo.

Thanks for the question!