Aeros Master - BB Stops playing when recording second song part

Hello, I am using the Aeros as MIDI master and trying to record the second part of a 6x6 song. I am running with no count-in or intro. Everything starts on the first beat of the first bar. After I record the first song part and it switches to Play mode, I then select the second song part, and press record. BB continues to play the first song part of the pattern until the second song part begins recording, at which point the BB just stops!

Is there some MIDI setting that might be set incorrectly? I’ve fiddled with several of them, but have not come up with the magic potion that works yet.

All ideas welcomed. Thanks.

Hey there,

are you sure you have the Stop at Empty Part setting disabled in the device settings? (Settings > MIDI > MIDI Out)

This would send stop if you transition to an empty part

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