Aeros Master sync issues

Hi all,

I had to switch the Aero back to slave sync because I can’t record new 1st loop in a new song because Aeros stops midi sync when it goes into record mode, really annoying (sync “always on” check). And in a new part too.
I tried everything and everything is configured well. In play mode everything is fine.

I also have a very slight desyncro between the Aeros master and the BB which I do not have between the BB master and the Aeros

Hey there,

It seems you may be using the Aeros song in Autoquantize mode or freeform mode, the Aeros does not stop sending clock when it is recording

Please be sure you are using your song in quantized mode (Song Grid Mode setting)

If you continue to have issue please write to

Thanks for reporting

Hi Brennan,
I did… :slight_smile:
Thanks for answering

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No worries happy to help!