Aeros menu selection highlight needs to be brighter

  1. Aeros Looper- feature request!!!

Background highlighting when selecting a song needs to be darker or a different color.

It is practically invisible when performing outdoors and even difficult to see indoors


100% Agree. Even indoors if I’m not looking at the Aeros at exactly the right angle. it’s hard to see the selection. This goes for other selections in the Aeros.

This was reported at least a year ago IIRC. Seems like such a small change to make.

It’s unusable outdoors for me, really
I have to get on my hands and knees and shade the screen to see the selection highlight
Normal fonts are fine
Just see what you are selecting
A highlighted box outline would be fine even

I’ve written about this same issue, along with suggestions that might help with increasing visibility of currentr selection and are in the current display tool conventions. It would be great to hear a response from the Singular Sound team about considerations for addressing this, as it has significant impact on the usability of the hands-free menu.

Yes!!! It needs more contrast. Lighter, darker or different color. Definitely more contrast please

Coming in 5.2.x!