AEROS: micro fades to smooth transitions between parts

I assume the ability to fade out loops is part of the plan, but this idea is different.

A perennial problem with looping is the abruptness when switching between loops (parts in the AEROs world). When you stop recording the natural decay is lost, this can be avoided by setting it to go straight into overdub mode so the decay is added to the beginning of the loop, but this shifts the problem to the beginning of the loop. It sounds good and natural while looping, but sounds abrupt on first play (or when switched to).

Not sure if it is feasible, but thought it would be great if there was an option for like a very quick ADSR envelope, that very quickly swells the volume from silence on the first play, and quickly brings the volume down quickly before transitioning to the next part. Also if undo/redo mute/unmute worked in this way too.

I realise this is a bit of a fantasy request but I think it would make loop based music sound more natural and seamless


I don’t think this is a fantasy at all. I think I may have brought this up in the TGP Aeros forum. The Pigtronix looper did this (‘click killer’) although I always found it lacking, as it was too short of a crossfade.

+1 on this, though, but done right. This is absolutely crucial for drone and ambient music.



Adjustable Crossfade value between 4ms and one bar?

Also would love to see this, as I can definitely here a harsh transition between parts and sometimes even have a bit of bleed from one part into the other, but not a good bleed more like the part doesn’t end right on measure and then quickly switches to the next part abruptly. Hopefully we can revive this request! Thanks to SS for listening and implementing so many features, this seems like it would be another game changer :raised_hands::pray::+1:

Agree with this