Aeros MIDI Commands

I’m running into an issue where the footswitches are too loud for me on activation (I’m working with a mic and a lot of gain). Seriously, they are twice as loud as a soft touch switch, and they are also resonant so they ring out. This makes the pedal basically unusable for me.

I don’t want to give up on the Aeros though. Midi implementation should include commands to mimic press and release of all 4 footswitches. This would allow me to use an external midi switch and avoid the built in switches. Rather than triggering specific commands (record new track, etc) they should trigger whatever a corresponding press on the built in switch would trigger, depending on context.


Well said

I’d love this… a dedicated CC for each switch, with different values for press vs doubletap vs hold

In addition to, rather than instead of, all the other planned CCs of course!


Will the above midi commands respond to any midi controller such as the MC6 or a midi sequencer that can send those CCs?



Each songs needs an assigned midi command so it can selected via midi in one step

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I have a feature request for song selection. I hope it will make it with the next update. Maybe if many people vote for it.

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I would just like to have next song part on 6x6 move with the BB just like it does with 2x2.
I’d also like to see 2x4 that moves to the next part with BB.
Hands free song selection would be nice.

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A midi command to load and play directly a song should be nice .


@Scott_Kehn but which song part would the Aeros move to? Just the next one in order?

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Yes just the next one in order in 6x6 would be great.
Just like the 2x2.
When BB moves to the next part I’d like Aeros to move aswell in 6x6.

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Yes the next Part please. Very simple change (little coding), huge impact in the usability of the 6x6, even without the MIDI implementation.

Doesn’t the beatbuddy send a midi cc of what part to go to? I was using that to synchronize parts with the RC-505.

Yes, we are implementing the MIDI commands necessary to do this with the BeatBuddy.

I second this. This is important for a “toggle” midi control to maintain “state consistency” with midi controllers. If my midi controller is told to only to send a “1” when the button is pressed, the controller doesn’t know the resulting state of the device.

For example: My midi foot controller has lights on each pedal to indicate state. If I assign “mute” to one of the buttons, then touch that button, the “1” signal is sent to the Aeros, mute state changes at the Aeros, and the light on the controller turns ON to indicate mute is activated. But then, a manual change to “un-mute” on the Aeros sets the midi controller permanently out of sync with the current state of the device until if/when the Aeros is manually toggled back. The light on the controller remains lit (which is okay), but when I click the button the controller assumes the device is switched to “un-mute” and the light goes out. The state consistency is lost.

Conversely (and usually), the midi toggle will act as described, sending a specific number (or range) for state. So, if my midi controller sends “mute,” the Aeros is muted and the controller light turns on. If I manually un-mute the Aeros, the light on the controller stays on. But when I click the controller, the controller sends the “un-mute” signal, nothing happens at the Aeros (since it is already un-muted), and the light on the midi controller turns off like it should and state consistency is maintained.

Lacking this: How will the Midi Maestro handle the case when “mute” is toggled on via Midi Maestro but Aeros is “un-muted” manually? Will Midi Maestro be sent a signal by Aeros to indicate state change? If not, state consistency is lost when it shouldn’t be.


Even more importantly, what if two different switches do multiple things, with muting a track being something they both do. In this case, you’ll get undesired behavior when you hit one switch and then the other. Like if I had mute all on switch 1 and mute part 1 on switch 2. Hitting switch 2 and then switch 1 would have an undesirable effect of unmuting part 1. Leave the state toggling to the controlling device and not the controlled device; then you won’t have this issue.


Wow, yeah. I hadn’t even considered the case where more than one controller/switch might send mute. One would turn it on, and any another would turn it off while expecting to turn it on. Sounds like a train wreck to me.

We can look into this


FYI in another forum there was a request for a replacement of the Boss RC-300. Would be nice if the Aeros covered this type of user.

For live loop performers, they wanted:

  • 3 independent tracks
  • each track has a dedicated ‘stop/start’ button
  • there’s ‘start/stop all’ button
  • XLR input

Advanced MIDI features would cover the first two. Suspect there are many ways people think tracks should be independent. I generally don’t think about performance in this way, but different strokes…

I do like the idea of making 6x6 feel just like 2x2 via extra midi buttons … and never having to double tap or hold if I have enough MIDI buttons.

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We can look into the idea, thanks for the feedback

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