Aeros MIDI Commands

Commands Aeros currently responds to:

  • MIDI Clock (BPM)
  • Time Signature (BeatBuddy sends this when a BeatBuddy song is loaded, for format see BeatBuddy MIDI Commands)
  • Start (Real Time)
  • Stop (Real Time)
  • CC-102 (Next Part: This triggers changing song parts to the selected part in 6x6, or the part not currently playing in 2x2)

The next MIDI commands we will implement is to support the Aeros Mode in the MIDI Maestro, which will consist of:

  • CC-33, value 0: Save song

  • CC-34, value 0: Start new 2x2 song (same settings as previously loaded 2x2 song) and enter loop studio

  • CC-34, value 1: Start new 6x6 song (same settings as previously loaded 6x6 song) and enter loop studio

  • CC-35, value 0: Go to saved songs screen (show currently loaded song)

  • CC-35, value 1: Go to Loop Studio screen (if already in Loop Studio screen, ignore)

  • CC-36, value 0: scroll down list (songs screen, or otherwise if relevant)

  • CC-36, value 1: scroll up list (songs screen, or otherwise if relevant)

  • CC-36, value 2: Select (currently highlighted item in song list)

  • CC-37, value 0: Undo/Redo currently selected track (6x6 mode)

  • CC-37, value 1-6: Undo/Redo track (value #)

  • CC-38, value 1-6: Mutes/Unmutes track (value #)

  • CC-39, value 0: Stop playback immediately

  • CC-40, value 0: Record new song part (6x6)

  • CC-41, value 0: Record new track (6x6)

  • CC-113, value 1-6: Begin transition to part (value #), if part doesn’t exist in song, ignore command.

  • CC-113, Value 0: complete transition and change song parts at end of the bar (like on BB)

If you guys have requests for specific commands that are not present here, please post below!


Solo a track would be great.
Mute all, while still keeping its place in time, would have some function.

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I like this.

CC-38, value 0 - mutes all tracks
CC-38, value 127 - unmutes all tracks
CC-39, value 1-6 - solo track
CC-39, value 127 - un-solo track


important commands:

  • start record loop 1,2… next measure
  • stop record loop 1,2… end of measure
  • start playing loop 1,2… next measure
  • stop playing loop 1,2… end of measure
  • Midi channel selectable between 1-16
  • delete loop1
  • delete loop2
  • delete all loops
  • stop playing loop1 immediately
  • stop loop2 immediately
  • stop all loops at the end of the bar
  • master output volume
  • play loop1 once
  • play loop2 once
  • play all loops once
  • start sync with beatbuddy
  • stop sync with beatbuddy

Freeform mode:

  • start record loop 2 at the beginning of record 1
  • stop record loop 2 at the end of record 1
  • start overdub at the beginning of record
  • stop overdub at the end of record

I use OnSong, which works quite well with BB - I select a song and BB responds and changes song accordingly- The RC300 also responds to and changes song as well - I can’t get the Aeros to respond. Is this something that will be implemented?

(6x6 mode playback options with 3rd party MIDI foot controller)
NEXT track
NEXT part


I would like to be able to do the following via MIDI with one button press:

  • Load next song file of song list

  • Load previous song file of song list

  • Reload current song file

  • RPM Track # (1-6)
    [meaning with each button press of the same button, it cycles through Record, Play and Mute in that specific track]

  • Go to next song part and start recording

Best regards,

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Please implement PC Commands to load a specific stored song. If the songs do not already have a Preset Value associated to them, please add the ability for me to assign or map a PC Command to a song. It’s a critical feature for me to be order to jump to a specific song without hunting through a list. Thank you.




Do you have to use the Midi Maestro to send these CC commands or can any midi controller be used?

Most any MIDI controller should work. You can also use software such as OnSong and others.

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Signed up to the forum to follow midi progress, don’t have the looper…yet. Does the loop studio respond to any sysex commands?

Although the user manual doesn’t have anything on sysex, It should respond to SYSEX commands but I have not tried it yet. My Infinity looper and several other MIDI-enabled pedals respond to sysex commands when I use a SYSEX app. I think I connected the pedal to my desktop via USB but it’s been a while.

Perhaps another user can confirm or deny . . . maybe @DavidPackouz can answer.

Thanks for the response. Some of the timing issues i’ve encountered with some gear as it pertains to Realtime Messages, say start, is that it waits for the next MIDI Timing Clock message if its’ synchronized to an external Midi clock. I think that means that it doesn’t register the bpm until MIDI timing Clock is received, which i think is why we see drifting. Im guessing the areos uses tempo mapping which standard sends info every 1/24th of a beat. Sending more ppqn (pulses per quarter note) could potentially alleviate that drift. Cubase 5 for example sends 1920 ppqn. A lot of ‘i think’ and ‘im guessing’ going on here lol. Just thinking out loud.

What about midi out messages, midi thru…?

i think the midi out just sends what it can receive, so midi clock, time signature, start and stop. Plus maybe acts as a thru, Correct me if im wrong.

  • CC-40, value 0: Record new song part (6x6)

Will this automatically start recording on the next available part or will we need to select the part?

The answer to that question has a big impact on CC-113 “If part doesn’t exist in song, ignore command.”

I have been waiting for the MIDI commands to make the 6x6 more work more like the 2x2 mode, I want to make it one click to transition the BB to the next part, so I can seamlessly record all the parts at the beginning of the song and then cycle back to them as needed. I don’t have any songs that are more than 6 parts, but I do have some that are more than 2, so this this distinction about what CC-40 does is important to me.

Honestly, I am hoping someday they will just let us pick the number of parts for a song in 6x6 mode so it can work just like 2x2, and have one button transitions. It would make the BB and Aeros have more parity in song creation.

Also, I like the idea of soloing and unsoloing a track. I have seen Ed Sheeran do this on concert several times. It is a great way to keep the loops interesting.

I agree with 897’s list. In particular, a full delete/clear function for tracks and parts is superior to just an undo/redo. Starting and stopping the sync would be helpful for free-form play or songs that I use the BB and not the Aeros. Overall great ideas in that list.

Thanks for all the feedback guys. We’ll be coming back to this thread as we’re building these things out, so please continue the conversation.

@Orion the Aeros responds to Start and Stop sysex commands. The Aeros right now is mainly set up to act in slave mode, and most Midi clocks use the 1/24 pulse per beat standard. However we did implement a ‘resync system’ to realign the loops if the clock drifts.

@GeeMatt CC-40, value 0 will automatically start recording in the next available part. If you have more than two song parts, the only way to have one button transitions on the Aeros alone is to move through the song parts sequentially. With an external midi controller, you can go directly to the song parts using CC-113, value 1-6.