Second track multiples in freeform

Ive been jamming all morning with loop studio trying to get closer to using it live but I ran into a few more things-

  1. If I record a long first track in freeform mode (not quantised to measure)
    when I record 2nd track it has to be the same length and if its only a simple 4 to the floor bass drum it is un acceptable having to kick the drum for 20 seconds to match the first loop.
    So I go into settings and change to sync tracks - off but then my loops don’t sync which is not what I want. There needs to be an option to sync the start but not length so I can do a small one bar or 2 bar division of the first loop.

  2. Track button action is a function id like to change on the fly so can this be midi mapped?

  3. Auto record is a function I use on loopers a lot, so if record level is set to a threshold when we hit our Guitar strings or whatever instrument it starts recording.

  4. I don’t know if its possible but a predetermined loop length before recording would be great so we don’t have to hit play at the end of loop ( great for when we want to have loop studio on a desk instead of the floor.

  5. Please please please give us clear part functions on midi maestro!

  6. is it possible to have a record and replace function? instead of awkwardly trying to undo and long hold to clear and pressing record again. This could be part of loop decay, the requirement of loop decay has been discussed in another fade out topic but I would so much love loop decay. If loop decay existed on this loop studio it could have a replace function as if we set loop decay to 100 percent it would directly replace the audio. I have this set up in the IOS app “quantiloop” where loop decay is assignable to a midi expression pedal. Its absolutely brilliant for ambient stuff and another benefit of this is that undo goes back to the old version so its another cheeky way to have parts within parts!

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It is for this reason I have moved the issue to General and have tagged it as a batch.

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To answer your questions:

This will likely be fixed with AutoQuantize, which is not too far off! Stay tuned for that.

The reason the Aeros currently works like this is because it is actually clunky for the Aeros to work like Quantized mode does in Freeform mode, we do not allow splitting of freeform tracks into parts, like we do for quantized songs.

Think of your first track as your building block, it is how the aeros knows where to start building from.

We know this can’t cover every case but you can’t please everyone, we continue to try, however!

Likely yes! More news on this soon. Stay on top of Aeros MIDI status here. Scroll all the way down form most recent.

This is something we would like to have eventually, but do not have yet! Here’s the feature request for this.

This is part of our plan! It is not clear just yet where it will fit, for that reason the thread is tagged as med-long-term

Here is that thread.

We do not plan on allowing clearing of parts, we currently allow deleting the last part or clearing all parts. Clearing the part is coming very soon as part of the expansion of MIDI command support on the Aeros. Deleting of last part will soon be available on MIDI, this likely will be lower priority at first, and will come in a later MIDI release.

Loop decay is already a requested feature, feel free to add anything missing in the discussion in the appropriate thread,


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thanks so much for your detailed response! it really shows that you guys listen to the users which makes me a proud owner of your gear! Im really looking forward to the next update :slight_smile:

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My pleasure! We definitely do! Happy to have you in the Singular Sound family :slight_smile:

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