Aeros midi out - not yet working?

As far as I can tell the midi out on the Aeros is so far just a simple midi thru with the Aeros not actually generating any midi itself.

Is this the case or do I have a bugged unit or is there something else I am missing? The manual mentions using Aeros as a master, but I guess that’s just another discrepancy between manual and current firmware?

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People seem to be using the Aeros to drive the Beat Buddy, so I have to think it works. Is it possible you’re seeing user error?

What are you actually trying to do? Do you have the channels set properly? Do you have the right MIDI mode selected (ON/OFF?THRU)? some details might help us help you, here…

Currently I have the Aeros connected to a mio10 midi interface and am just looking at MIDI Monitor app on a Mac.

I don’t see any midi coming from the Aeros at all. If I send midi to the aeros I see that midi coming back so it seems like the midi thru part of Aeros is working, but it does not seem to be generating midi itself.

Connecting Aeros to just the BeatBuddy ( Aeros midi out -> BB midi in ) doesn’t seem to drive the BeatBuddy … which makes sense since it wasn’t outputting any midi in the first place.

I also see zero settings about midi in the Aeros itself. BB -> Aeros works fine.

The Aeros almost certainly has MIDI controls, because it can (as I understand it) function as either master or slave. Also, the THRU part should also be configurable. What does the manual say about setting up MIDI?

Aeros manual has nothing about midi settings on the Aeros; it only mentions some BeatBuddy midi settings. I also do not see any midi settings on the Aeros in the different settings pages on the unit itself. The manual does say the Aeros should be able to work as a master though - hence my confusion as to why my Aeros isn’t generating any midi.

Well, there has to be MIDI settings o the box itself, because it has to be able to send and receive on your chosen channels. Something missing here…

I stand (disappointedly) corrected: It appears that the Aeros can currently only function as a MIDI slave. But I’m not sure this is the long-term plan. Maybe @AnthonySostre can weigh in and give us a bit of information about the plan…?

No, that’s not right either: The manual (on page 26) describes the Aeros as Master, the BB as slave. But you still (should) have to choose a channel. @AnthonySostre? C|ome quick – we need you!

All demos I see have Beat Buddy as the Master, Aeros as Slave

Think there really needs to be a clear list of what it can and cannot do at the moment. The website has a list of functions, and info of features not yet implemented, but it seems like even things that should have been ready when shipped aren’t . I don’t mind it not being finished, there is a bit of a discount on these early ones but it’s quite frustrating trying to figure things out that may not even work


Apologies guys - been quite busy here and haven’t been able to accomplish as much as I’d like due to medical reasons.

MIDI out is only partially implemented, I’m not sure the ETA, trying to get that from Devs but haven’t heard back. I’ll try and have David chime in here when he can as he’s been more in the loop than I have lately.

As far as the list, we had sent a list of what wasn’t included and should be coming soon with Batch 1, but now that I’m thinking about it that may not have gone out with Batch 2. I’ll work on creating some sort of public facing webpage which shows what devs are working on right now and allows you guys to report bugs + request features directly. It’ll likely have to wait until after I undergo surgery and recovery, so if you can be patient, I’ll try to have that implemented in a months time.


Thank you @AnthonySostre for the reply.

Yeah I think I was in batch 2 and don’t believe I received the list; which is no problem at all really, but that’s just why I posted to verify MIDI out was not yet implemented (as opposed to an issue with my unit).

Yeah it would be great to have more typical bug/dev type list since regular forums can be hard to follow for that thing, but no rush.

Sorry to hear about the medical issues. Best wishes on the surgery and recovery!

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Hei - i’ve got aeros now and im owner of Beatbuddy - looks like midi out of aeros doesnt work , no reactions on Beatbuddy when aeros works as master , another looper i have works correctly with beatbuddy but lokks like no midi out from Aeros

same here so thats mean should i wait or should i go :slight_smile: with it to post for return?

I may be biased here, but I’d avise waiting - The 60 day satisfaction guarantee will kick in after all major bugs and features are fixed/implemented so there’s plenty of time to try it! Additionally, we’ve got some free gifts coming down the pipeline for our Aeros orders that I think you will like. :slight_smile:


For sure we are beta testers and we report a maximum of details about the bugs encountered.

I just ordered one this weekend not being aware of the issues. Will buyers be notified as to what date the 60-day satisfaction guarantee kicks in?


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It will be in the form of a popup nag screen in the display when the Aeros boots up which counts down the days left for a return once you have installed the firmware that fixes and implements all the major bugs and features.
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