Aeros midi out to Midi Maestro midi in

Can this be made to work to have the Aeros report tempo of whatever song is open at the time to the MM, to then change the tempo on the BB automatically? Or perhaps a midi command to match tempo from the Aeros to the Beat Buddy.

This probably creates a loop that destroys the universe. I’m spitballin’ here but this seems like this is doable. Someone come burst my bubble about this.

Hey there, the Aeros does not currently work as the Master device, and cannot send out Time signature/Tempo if it is not receiving it

This is something we hope to work on soon.

As far as your question, you cannot do something like this, no, though your request sounds similar to this one.

It could be we could create smart ‘filters’ for how Aeros is expected to behave at a given time, but we do not know when users can expect this or if we plan to pursue this option.

For this reason I will tag as #considered though it may actually be a duplicate of this other request I linked here, let me know if this makes sense, thanks!