Aeros mini

I have 3 dedicated looper pedals 2 Boss, 1 Digitech and 4 multi effects pedals with loopers and they all fall short of providing the looping experience I desire. Now the Aeros looper with 6 tracks. Overkill ? and the price. I have a TC Helicon VL3X and have to say for the price ( which is about the same as the Aeros ) it smokes anything on the market. What it does for vocals and guitar is amazing and it has pretty powerful looping and backing track functionality as well ( it would be the perfect pedal if it had a few more midi cc command options for looper control as it does sync pretty well with the BB ) That said , is there anyway of putting out a looper with less tracks, that plays nice with the BB (with perfect BB sync capabilities ) for about half the price. For allot of us that is all we need in a looper. The Aeros looks like a great product but is way over kill in terms of functionality and price for many users. For the most part, like I said a simple 2 track looper with 5-6 min looping time per track with perfect midi sync to the BB to record, start , stop, undo, redo, pause , resume , clear. Maybe something for your engineers to think about, it’s kind of like the BB mini …? Aeros mini :slight_smile:

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Definitely a desire we’ve heard loud and clear.

It’s something we’ll be looking into after the craziness of the initial couple batches of Aeros + Maestro and then the holidays shortly after that.


I concur the looper on the VL3X is pretty solid. You might also look at the infinity looper from Pigtronix as a somewhat simpler looper that still works great with Beatbuddy. I personally never really connected with it, though. I honestly feel the Aeros in 2x2 is easier and more intuitive. But, as you pointed out, those are completely different price points. But I might know someone who would sell you one (and a foot pedal) if the Aeros is out of your budget. :laughing:

I look at the Aeros as more akin to the large pedalboard loopers or even a workstation, rather than comparing it to the others you mentioned. But it really fits on its own in many ways- I love the graphical interface (similar, but easier to see than the TC Helicon). And it fits on my pedalboard, and can almost be exclusively controlled via the footswitches. The touchscreen makes it pretty to use, too. So it was definitely worth the $$ for me to give it a go. Up until now I was using Ableton Live and a laptop, so this is a lot more portable for me.

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A lower end Aeros mini would need to lose some inputs/output (e.g., aux, stereo) midi, expression, some footswitches, scroll wheel, bt/wifi, and the touch display. Going to just a 2X2 looper and keeping everything else the same may not drop the price much. Some small savings for memory/sd possibly, but it’s not huge. The irony here is that the more the Aeros mini diverges from Aeros, the greater the incremental R&D and the the greater the competition at the low end of the market.

I agree the Aeros is priced high and that will limit its audience. Even the pre-ship deal price is spendy.
Only a matter of time before Boss, TC, and others come out with their next gen products in $400-500 range … and those will likely integrate Beat Buddy-esque rhythms (as the $300 RC-10R does). One can only hope their UI’s move into the 21st century.

Wonder if SS could cut it’s margins to reduce price and/or make up the margin with upsell. I have some fancy dreams of what else the Aeros hardware might be capable of that might increase it’s value. Some of the hardware in the Aeros makes more sense when this occurs (e.g., the expression input). What would you pay to add a Beat Buddy (mini) feature to an Aeros via a wifi update … and is it possible that SS might actually net more profit from that smaller, incremental software sale than it would if you bought a more expensive Beat Buddy hardware device? If Aeros is a platform, the value prop changes for all.

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great points Quad. Im in the Aeros 2x2 mini camp myself. Dont need 6x6. Not a pro. Not a performer. If they could put the Beat Buddy in the Aeros for 1 package and get rid of all the extra stuff but it just worked thats what I need. Main thing if Its 2 devices, the Aeros Mini must sycn with my BB. thats all I need without the hassles of all the others loopers that cant sycn with the BB, without major workarounds.

Why would a stripped down Aeros mini have to lose midi. The Beatbuddy has pretty comprehensive midi at 300.00 . I see that for some all the bells and whistles the new Aeros provides is attractive but not everyone needs a Cadillac . There are allot more great riding Honda Accords out there than Cadillacs . I believe that for many of us who work solo or in duets who use the Beatbuddy and loop all we really need is a basic looper that syncs perfectly with the Beatbuddy. I also believe that if SS can develop the Aeros mini ( with midi) that syncs perfectly with the BB and market them together they will sell a whole lot more Beatbuddy ‘s as well . I think there is a huge market that has opened for solo performers and duets d/t several factors. Many venues in my area
( large metropolitan) are moving away from booking full bands d/t price , space and volume . The Beatbuddy has been a game changer for me and using it with my bass player and looping makes us sound like a full band . Just wish my current looper ( VL3X ) synced better/perfectly with the BB . I know a Aeros mini would probably be years out if they decide to develop so I may have to save and pick up an Aeros to get the looping experience I desire . Just wish it was less expensive .

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I didn’t mean it had to lose the midi, just that removing it (or other things) would lower the cost. Also it’s something that SS has used in the past to differentiate the BB mini from the BB.

I like to buy value products which have the right bang for the buck. I’ll buy a premium product which has more value for reasonably more cost (but not 2x the cost over the value). The current list pricing of the Aeros feels like luxury pricing which is a miss for the general consumer and prosumer.

agree 100%