Aeros & Modular Synthesizer

Driven by my stubborn desire to avoid a DAW, I have been long searching for a workflow on my modular synth which blends live tweaking and song composition (i.e. multiple part) looping. I had originally attempted to duplicate the Aeros’ functionality on my ER-301 module, but the CPU was nearly maxed out by my 2X2 mode programming and the UI feedback while looping was poor. Ultimately the GUI of the Aeros is much better for multitrack looping… it really reminds me of the OP-1 tape machine mode (without the transport tricks).

Encouraged by recent improvements to the firmware (mainly basic MIDI responsiveness and track locking), I decided to try the Aeros. Despite the great YouTube vids from Benn Jordan, Loopop, and Red Means Recording, there isn’t much (visible) synth + Aeros pairing happening! So this thread can be a catch-all for us few synth enthusiasts to share our Aeros experiences and workflows.

My current workflow:
I have MIDI synced my Aeros to the Squarp Hermod eurorack module, a MIDI looper with CV/gate sequencer. The synth output is routed through to the Aeros’ AUX output, which I use with headphones as a cue mix. This enables me to prep a new layer silently while the current loop is playing. The Hermod acts as a way to prep the CV/gate sequence so that my hands can be free for manual wiggling while capturing the next layer. The ER-301 sits between the synth and the Aeros to act as mixer and effects.

No audio to share yet, but my learning sessions have been very promising. The Aeros and Hermod keep time together beautifully, but I still need practice with the timing of overdubs (can overdub be locked to loop start?). It seems like this looper will be a very portable method for building multitrack arrangements of modal modules like Plaits, which can act as a drum or a lead or whatever but only one instrument at a time.

Hey there, awesome thank you for sharing your experience!

For the overdub question, if you have a sync rule present, or are in Quantized mode, you will have the ability to pre-set the playback command and switch it to an overdub command with one more tap.

Would this work?

What type of mode do you work in?

Let us know!

Yeah, I think that might work! I will test it out later. I’m working in quantized mode so far.

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Let me know!

I’m also using the Aeros with my modular synth studio, for the same “I can’t stand to work in a DAW” reason. I actually have two Aeros now, studio left and studio right. I recently sold one of my RC-505’s in favor of the second Aeros, mainly because the 505 beat stretch was really mangling anything in the high frequency range - when playing at the same BPM as the recording.

Anyway, I’m happy to share tips and ideas.

I also like completely DAWless looping. I’ve used the Aeros with a Korg Minilogue, Korg Volca FM, and AKAI MPC One to get my synth tones. However, I usually mix in guitars and electric bass, as well. A bunch of my videos make at least basic use of the above synths/sequencers.