Aeros next part glitch

I got my beta 5.0 loaded and have Aeros as master, midi cables switched around midi settings set up. My problem is when I go to next part on Aeros the BB goes into transition not once it repeats over and over again like in holding the BB pedal down? And my next part recording is chopped down to the length of the transition fill and repeats shortened guitar part with it. Do I have to have the BB beta version for transition forgiveness? I’m sure it a setting I omitted or I’m missing something. Any help greatly appreciated.

you still better with the last BB version 4.1.3
Transition forgiveness must be “enable”
Beatbuddy>settings>midi out>change next part cc102 need to be “disable”
Beatbuddy need to be midi out to Merge

Cool I’ll stay with the 4.1.3 BB firmware then, Ill try this out, thanks for the help!

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The BeatBuddy CC102 command does not have any effect on this behavior, the BeatBuddy is not meant to be connected to the Aeros MIDI in if the Aeros is master, although technically possible.

All you need to do is enable Transition Forgiveness on the BeatBuddy (Main Pedal>Transition Forgiveness)

I think he mean this Aeros Loop Studio 5.0 beta. Disable/désactiver CC102 on Beatbuddy for 2x2 mode Aeros as Master - YouTube
And yes disable the cc102 on the beatbuddy resolve the problem in 2X2 mode


The cool thing (if I did this correctly) is that by having the BB Midi Out connected to the Aeros Midi In when the Aeros is the master is that I am able to switch the master control on the fly hands free. In my case, there are times when I just want to use the BB as a fancy metronome, so by switching the Aeros from transmitter to receiver in the slide out Midi Mode menu (see my other post for a question), it allows me to control the BB independent of the Aeros.

Maybe an unintended benefit? :wink: