Aeros - no signal bypass when powered off?


As the Aeros is now in my signal chain, I need the option to bypass it sometimes. I don’t see a way to do that and powering it off means no signal gets to my amp at all!



Also, when you start a BB beat the Aeros creates a loop even when it’s in the main option screen (and not in a song). This inadvertently creates a loop and it starts to play when you stop and restart BB.

Workaround suggestion: Try disabling the feature that starts recording on a start midi signal from the BB, and then have a default empty song for those times when you want to use the BB but not the Aeros. I agree, though, that this is an awkward workaround and that there must be a better way. Some kind of activate/deactivate footswitch press on the Aeros would be great.

Thanks mate. Glad it’s not just me!

Other thoughts are to A/B box it somehow but thats also messy.

I have an empty song in my list. I start the Aeros (not the BB) without playing anything and then stop after one bar, which occupies the first track and sets the right tempo. Then I can start the BB without the Aeros recording. If I want to loop in the middle of the song, then I choose “next track”. Before starting the next song I delete all tracks.

This is a simple, working option for what you wish to do.

Thanks Euan,

Appreciate you taking the time on this but I still think we need a better solution - a way to arm or disarm Aeros.


It works, and the process is only slightly more onerous than on another looper I have, but you’re right, arming or disarming it with one action would be nice. Give the blank song a name starting with aa so that it always appears at the top of your list.

I’ve been too busy too try this yet but my next step will be to put the Aeros as an FX loop on it’s own off the back of my Line6 Helix Effects pedal (which is awesome btw). This way I can assign it it’s own button to arm/disarm it

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I use a Line6 Amplifi, which is programmable and has a great range of built-in, modelled amp simulations, but is limited in that there is no way to take a line from the effects/pre-amp and feed it to the Aeros in a live situation. At home, creating backing tracks, I can use the headphone out, which cuts out the main amp feed.

Loopy on an not as reliably connected to a BB as Aeros, doesn’t come close in sound fidelity, only allows one song part, and requires that you predict the number of required loop bars. However, there is one feature of Loopy that Is cool: when I connect the Amplifi and iPad via a powered USB hub, the Amplifi will play previously recorded loops with the pre-amp settings I had when they were recorded while I play over the top with different pre-amp settings. Moreover, I can record another track from the Amplifi on Loopy while Loopy plays through the Amolifi without having previous tracks recorded in the new track. This level of integration between Loopy and the Amplifi is achieved entirely via the USB connection.