Aeros - no signal bypass when powered off?


As the Aeros is now in my signal chain, I need the option to bypass it sometimes. I don’t see a way to do that and powering it off means no signal gets to my amp at all!



Also, when you start a BB beat the Aeros creates a loop even when it’s in the main option screen (and not in a song). This inadvertently creates a loop and it starts to play when you stop and restart BB.

Workaround suggestion: Try disabling the feature that starts recording on a start midi signal from the BB, and then have a default empty song for those times when you want to use the BB but not the Aeros. I agree, though, that this is an awkward workaround and that there must be a better way. Some kind of activate/deactivate footswitch press on the Aeros would be great.

Thanks mate. Glad it’s not just me!

Other thoughts are to A/B box it somehow but thats also messy.

I have an empty song in my list. I start the Aeros (not the BB) without playing anything and then stop after one bar, which occupies the first track and sets the right tempo. Then I can start the BB without the Aeros recording. If I want to loop in the middle of the song, then I choose “next track”. Before starting the next song I delete all tracks.

This is a simple, working option for what you wish to do.