Aeros not syncing to 3/4 time sig from Beat Buddy

Self explanatory… when I select a 3/4 time drum beat in BB, Aeros doesn’t change from 4/4. Is there a setting I’m missing? Aeros changes tempos as expected.

Once recorded, you can’t change the bpm or time signature of a loop. Aeros won’t complain, but will do weird stuff.

Also there used to issues with clearing all tracks on a song and making changes to the timing (versus creating a new song) and having two songs with the same name. Not sure if this is completely resolved.

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I understand that the Aeros isn’t able to change tempo once the loop is recorded (though I hope that changes some day). This is for a new loop, i.e. nothing recorded.

Hello, sorry you are having this issue

  1. What version of the BeatBuddy are you using? What version of the Aeros are you on?
  2. Is there anything else in the MIDI chain, specifically between the BB and Aeros?
  3. Did you at any point manually edit the time signature once it was open?
  4. If you switch to a BB song that is not 3/4 and back to 3/4 does it still stay on the other time signature?

If you could take a video that would also be very helpful! Unlisted youtube videos work fine

Let us know, thanks!