Aeros onboard storage capacity

Just curious, how much onboard storage does the Aeros have? Approximately how many songs can it hold?

The Aeros can store up 3 hours of recorded music in 24 bit format. You can increase this to 48 hours by using an SD card (32 GB max size). Each song can have up to 20 minutes of recording time. 48 hours is mono 24 bit audio. Stereo would be 24 hours.

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Some seat-of-the-pants calculations seem to suggest there’s around 2 gigs of internal memory available???

So, is this supposed to work yet, or is mine flaky? I’ve been using it quite a bit, and I’m afraid I’ll run out of storage.

I don’t have one yet. I was just getting the info off the Aeros site.

It’s flaky. The SD card input/output for loops has not been made operative. It works for firmware updates.