Aeros operation

I am just starting to work with the aeros. Let’s say I want to have a rhythm guitar track to solo over. I’d like to have the track prerecorded. I did that but have trouble triggering the track after the chorus at the right time to begin the solo. Also, I need to have the track stop at the end of the solo when I go to a chorus before the next verse. I assume then I just hit the stop button also at the exact right moment?

Hey there, it would be helpful for me to know the following:

Are you in 2x2 or 6x6, are you using freeform or quantized mode, is the Aeros working on its own or is it attached to a beat clock device?


I am in 2x2. I’m using it with the beatbuddy. Beatbuddy is first in line. Midi sync on. I cannot see quantization. Is that set when the song is created and not visible beyond that point?

Yeah, you can’t change a song’s state once it is recorded to, meaning if it’s recorded on in Freeform mode, it can no longer be changed to quantized mode, and a song in freeform can’t be turned into a quantized mode song. You can clear it and change it however.

By clearing, I assume you mean deleting. I’ve not found a way to clear sound that has been recorded. It looks like my default has been “Quantize to measure-On”.

Hey there, yes, once you have recorded to a song, because any audio can be brought back after being undone, it cannot be changed from freeform to quantized mode. You must begin recording in the mode you want to end up using.