Aeros playback lag

I am trying to lay down a 4 beat measure starting on the one and hitting the subsequent 3 beats in time. When I hit “play” (or jump out of record, whichever) There is a lag before the first beat sounds. Therefore every time the loop plays there is a gap in the timing before the 1st beat sounds. I am using a Roland SPDw-1 as my input device.

Hey there,

I have some questions that will help me help you here:

What firmware is your Aeros on?

Are you in quantized mode? Freeform? Is there something acting as the master or is it playing on its own?

Thank you!

Firmware 3.0

I think I tried with quantities both off and on.

I am plugging into the Aeros directly but it is wired to controlled by the beatbuddy. I believe I had the syncing off though. I am presently Away from my setup and will return home Sunday. If you have suggestion for setup I will try it.

If there is a sync issue that may be causing this, please let me know once you confirm that there is no sync between the Aeros and BB and that will help me pinpoint the issue.

Thank you!

Also if you are able to record of what’s happening that is always extra helpful for us to understand the issue

Sync is off. Quantize to measure = On. Now just seems to be a latency issue on the 1st beat? Will include video.

Hey there, you need to give me access to see the video, please and thank you!

If there is a device sending clock to the Aeros, and the Aeros says MIDI sync is off, there is an issue with your settings. Please review BB MIDI settings and the Roland settings if that is also sending MIDI information.

It would be helpful to know what your goal is to best define what mode you should be in. If you are using beats and hope to line everything up to the beat. I highly suggest using the BeatBuddy as the master device to the Aeros. Ensure that MIDI sync is set to “Always On” on the BeatBuddy. Go to BB settings and go to Main Pedal> MIDI Settings> MIDI Out> Sync. You know it’s working because the Aeros must say MIDI sync ON.

Then, I’d suggest enabling intros on the BB to be able to start correctly on the Aeros every time, but you could also choose to set a count in on the Aeros to allow you to start recording 1, 2, or 3 measures later.
Another choice is to go to the Aeros Global settings and set MIDI Start to “Playback” and deselect “Record”. This means that the Aeros will playback once it receives the start command on a part, but it will not start recording. Then you can start the Aeros recording whenever you want.

Try this out and let me know if this works.

I just saw the video, this is most likely a cross fade issue, which will likely be fixed in the next version of the firmware. Question, what is running into the Aeros through MIDI?

The beatbuddy is connected to the midi port. The pad generating input is connected directly to the Aeros.

Do you normally use the BeatBuddy with the aeros in sync? Is this just a case where you don’t want it synced? As I said before, if there is a clock source controlling the Aeros, it must say Midi sync ON. Is the Roland device doing anything with MIDI?

The Roland is only supplying a mono audio input. If I was using the beatbuddy I assume I would have them in sync. the beat buddy having priority, or leading, so to speak. My goal was to layer different drum sounds in time on the Aeros “on the fly” to create a beat.

I see, this is likely due to the way fades are handled in 3.0.0, this will be fixed in the 3.1.x final release