Aeros problem when select cancel rec

while I was jamming with the aeros I run into a problem several times (firmware 3.0.0):

  1. I’m using the 6x6 mode
  2. I’m recording a track (for instance track 2)
  3. while recording track 2 I click on “next track” (track 3 is empty)
  4. now I’m selecting “cancel rec” because I maybe accidentally clicked the switch “next track”
  5. the previous track 2 is in record mode but track 3 is selected

The problem is, to cancel record on track 2 you have to select this track again by clicking “next track” several times. Is there a way to directly jump back to track 2? The best option would be if the track stops recording automatically when tap on “next track” even if the new track 3 record was cancelled.

I just reread your post, sorry, I think there’s not much to do here because we’re limited by physical buttons, this could be better managed using MIDI possibly, but the best thing I can say is avoid hitting next track to start playback. It takes a little getting used to but it’s worth the effort.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts!

Thanks for the fast response. Maybe the workflow can be optimized by
when a new empty track was selected by clicking on “next track”
and you click on “cancel rec” on the armed new track,
the previous track should stop to record at the next measure - like it would do when “cancel rec” was not clicked.

for instance:

  1. track 2 is in rec mode
  2. click on “next track”
  3. empty track 3 is armed
  4. click on “cancel rec”
  5. track 3 is selected but not armed anymore
  6. track 2 stops rec mode at next measure

does this behaviour makes any sense? with this procedure no additonal switch is needed.

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I can see the reasoning for that, given that a user would have hit next part by mistake while intending to only stop the recording. We can consider this!

that would be nice.
thanks for answering my questions

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