Aeros question

Is it possible to switch off auto record next part when you transition parts on the beat buddy?

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Hello, no this is not possible on the Aeros, you can disable the CC102 command from being sent by the BeatBuddy, but then you would have to change parts on the units individually or use a MIDI controller that controls both units.

The Aeros must record when it changes to a new part because it does not allow playback of an empty part.

Does this answer your question?

Not really. It should be an option sometimes I like to put a loop down on part 1 only

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That isn’t really feasible unless you always want the BB to stop sending CC102, you can switch the setting in the BB as needed. You could use 6x6 mode and, as long as you don’t select another part on the Aeros, it will not switch.

Does that help your use case? Let me know!