Aeros Questions (OnSong and Midi-related)

Hi there,

I’ve been using BeatBuddy (mostly successfully) with my iPad and OnSong for the past 4 years in my acoustic duo. I’m now considering buying the Aeros Looper but have a few questions I’m hoping the fine people on this forum can answer:

  • Is there a way to change songs on the Aeros without touching the screen, and just using the foot switches?

  • Related to my first question, I currently use OnSong to change the songs on BeatBuddy (via the wireless midi connection). If I add Aeros into the equation, would I lose this capability? I assume the midi out connection from the BeatBuddy midi cable would need to feed into the midi in on the Aeros. If so, does this render my wireless midi adapter useless? (admittedly, I am not the best at understanding midi workflows)

In short, I would still want the ability to just swipe to a new song in the OnSong app., and then have it change the song in BeatBuddy AND the song in the Aeros. Is anyone doing this today?

Thanks in advance for any insights you can offer.


I don’t have an Aeros but you can plug the MIDI wireless into the BeatBuddy MIDI IN and then run a MIDI cable from the BB MIDI OUT to the Aeros MIDI IN leaving one part of the MIDI wireless unplugged.

Anthony has said that the midi out on the Aeros acts as a midi thru. It shouldn’t be fed back to the BB because the Aeros acts as a slave. I would assume, therefore, that a cable from the Aeros midi out to OnSong should work, but if you want OnSong to control the BB, then just connect your iPad to the BB midi in.

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Thanks for the replies.

So, I think I need to try unplugging the “midi out” portion of the wireless adapter on my BeatBuddy, and then see if BeatBuddy can pass midi info into another device (not exactly sure how I can test this).
Additionally, does anyone know the following about Aeros:

  • Can songs be selected via the switches or do you have to use the touchscreen (seems like a “miss” if this is the case).
  • Can song selections on Aeros be made/changed via midi program changes?

Thanks again.

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You would have to select the song on the BB, and maybe you could set this up to choose a song on the Aeros, but I’m not sure.

This SHOULD work, hopefully with a Firmware update. My old RC300 will work this way. Seems like an easy fix, but I think they are still building the midi functionality (I HOPE). If not, I’m going to have to return mine.

So, I tried unplugging one side of the wireless midi adapter, leaving only the Midi IN side plugged in (which goes into Beat Buddy). As soon as you unplug one side of the wireless midi adapter, it essentially turns the wireless midi adapter off…and therefore OnSong does not wirelessly control BeatBuddy to make song/program changes.

I did NOT try running into another midi device and then plugging a cable back into the “Midi OUT” of the Wireless adapter. Regardless, I fear that the wireless adapter is not intended to be part of a midi circuit (sitting between multiple devices). Maybe I’m wrong?

Can someone from SingularSound please advise if we lose the ability to control BeatBuddy song changes with the wireless midi adapter (via OnSong) if we’re setting up BeatBuddy with Aeros?


I think it s not possible now.
Me to i wait this function

you can put one side of the bluetooth dongle into the beatbuddy and the other into the aeros.
that will power up the dongle. then make a connection to the ipad as usual, make the settings in onsong and enjoy…