Aeros randomly deletes loops

I’m on 3.0. This has happened four times now and lost me about 20 hours of work. The problem manifests when tweaking previously-recorded loops, adding new parts in both 2.2 and 6.6. I meticulously save the changes, or sometimes ensure the original is unchanged and save that. Later turning the device back on the loop has jumped to the very end of the list, a guarantee that it is now lost. Loading it confirms it is now empty. It’s a drag.

I will invest in an SD card to hopefully ensure they can be securely saved somewhere but this really shouldn’t be happening.

Wonder if upgrading for 3.0 will fix this for you.

If you have midi connected/sync enabled, try removing that or changing it to the exact bpm and time signature when you recorded.

Also, check the “other” song parts. I have done that in the past where I skipped to another part, recorded there, and then didn’t see that upon reopening.

Hey there,

My question here is, do you have the Aeros connected to anything via MIDI that is sending out clock?

I don’t midi sync anything. All the loops are created by ear in free form and I ensure that quantize is off. Quad, searching in the ‘other’ part is a good tip but I think the big giveaway is that when turning the machine back on later the recent loop has been dumped to the bottom of the list.

Getting a perfect loop can take a few goes. What research has been done on the flash rewrite upper limit, maybe it’s alarmingly low?

Perhaps. Songs on an external sd card go the bottom of the list in case that’s in play?

Flash has many more cycles than you are likely to have used. Would expect some other problem to show up if this was the case.

Mystery solved. Apparently I had used all the internal memory space. Aeros was merrily giving every indication it was saving data, but it wasn’t.
New gripe. Am I imagining things or is the sample rate lower from an SD card? Sounds I’ve been listening to for weeks out of the Aeros now seem slightly less crisp loaded from the (decent quality) SD card. Kinda like the difference between flac and wav. Or am I just experiencing paranoid woo-woo?