Aeros real world use for live performance


Love my Beat Buddy. I play out with it often.

My use of a looper in the past is minimal.

I’ve looked and want to read about using the Aeros looper with the BB. The reviews on Sweetwater aren’t so good. What is the real world situation?

Long thread posted on the TGP forum that might help in your buying decision:

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Thank you. Waded through it. Gave me some ideas.

IMHO, selling the Aeros on Sweetwater was premature given the state of the software.

It was OK to ship it as an “early access” purchase, but the features and quality have been a work in progress.

That said, the latest beta is looking pretty good, and I expect great things from SS in the coming months.

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So, it seems I should wait a bit?
I do want to be able to use it pretty quickly after purchase.
I was able to use the BB a few practices after purchase.

I just want to say the firmware beta will be posted very soon, we are in final stages, and it gives the Aeros a whole lot more power. I also want to say that Aeros stock is running low due to the current situation, if you wait now, you may have to wait a bit for the next wave of stock!

This is what I do now:

Acoustic Guitar with pickup into preamp into a channel of a Bose 4 channel mixer.
Microphone into a channel of a Bose 4 channel mixer.
Beat Buddy into a channel of a Bose 4 channel mixer

Main out of Bose mixer to Big mixer channel and PA system, or a Bose compact, or a Bose S 1.

I want to loop the guitar mostly and use the BB as described.

Again if anyone is currently performing live with the BB and Aeros, I’d love to hear from you.

Hey, just plugging your guitar into the Aeros as a mono signal and then sending the out from the Aeros to your mixer will work fine. The BB just needs to be connected to the Aeros via Breakout cable and MIDI cable, and it will function as it should.

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I purchased the beat buddy the Aeros and the midi maestro all at the same time.Right now the only thing they Mitty maestro is good for is controlling the BeatBuddy It n was advertised that you could customize Using the included app. There is no app.I am willing to wait for their updates but I’m very disappointed when I got the unit and I could not do anything as far as customizing it basically right now it’s just a good controller for the BeatBuddy I’m just confused as to why the YouTube videos made it look like it was all good and ready to go. I’ve been patient I would wait some more. I probably could’ve waited till it was good to go but like I said the videos made it look like everything was hunky-dory.


Here’s what I just set up. Only got to do a brief little test of playing out before Covid, but it worked really well. I had a custom pedalboard made that houses all my guitar pedals going through/managed by a Boss ES-8 switcher. That has two inputs and two outputs. One output goes to an amp, if desired, but the other goes into the Aeros Right input. I had a second input set up that goes to the Aeros Left input and I either plug a bass directly into that or I have a Bose 4 channel mixer on the board that can go directly into the input dedicated to the Aeros Left. I have both outs of the Aeros going to Looper Out 1 and Looper Out 2 on the board. Those can go directly into the Bose 4 channel (1 & 2), or can go to an outside mixer. So it’s basically set up that I can switch where I have the Bose 4 channel - either before or after the Aeros. So if the Bose goes into the Aeros, I have up to 6 inputs that I can loop (2 from the ES-8 into the right input and 4 from the Bose into the left output). I also have a BB that I plug into the post mixer, but I have it linked via MIDI so that Aeros can sync to it. I also have a Bose 8 channel mixer that is my ultimate mixer going into a Bose L1. I’ve played a Taylor direct in, Larrivee with LR Baggs Anthem, National Resorocket with Highlander, and various electric guitars straight through the Aeros and into the Bose mixer, and they all sound great. Also mic’ed up my Farmer FootDrum through the Bose into the Aeros and looped it. Now I just need some places to play!


Forgot to mention, but I had to put a Lehle P split in front of the Aeros Left input to eliminate ground loop hum.

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I’d like to see a video of that in use.

Yeah! I put one up on YouTube (@sweetpotatoslim) and will have more coming. I’m holding up in a condo during this Covid thing so I am not using the live percussion, but I am syncing to the beat buddy, so you can see how that is working. I have the MM, but my intent is to have that controlling the Aeros, and that full functionality isn’t up yet.


Nice vids man :+1:

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We’re sorry for your frustration, and thank you for your patience. We are currently in a tough spot with the iOS app because we had to drop the devs handling it due to COVID delays. We are working as quickly as possible to find a new dev to handle the iOS launch. Android version is up, however.

Aeros MIDI mapping will also be ready within 1-2 mos, meaning the MM will work for controlling the Aeros, too.

We are hoping it will be within a month, but things are very uncertain right now for obvious reasons.

Do you think I’m being patient? I’m not at all. I understand covid is a problem. Pisses me off as you release the product not prime I am ready. But all your YouTube videos and stuff showed everything was working perfectly. Pretty much you guys lied to us. So no I’m not patient with you. Android app does me no good.

So I guess I should go out and purchase an android phone or an android tablet so I can work with your product. You guys don’t have any you want to send me do you? So I get to spend more money right.

Yeah i can understand you being frustrated. I think the Aeros is a great proof of concept piece but definately not ready for prime time. I worked with it all this weekend and really loved much of what it can do. But after about 3 days I am really no closer to having a bit of gear I can truly use. Definately cannot use this live. Opening files, saving new stuff and basic navigation has to be done through the foot buttons. I am not getting down on the floor to tinker during a set on stage. I understand SS’s model of ‘develop as you go’, getting funding through early adopters. There is merit to that model as long as development builds on a basically usable tool. I guess (hope?) looking back SS will see how this roll out was a bit on the sloppy side and do better in the future. I like the unit enough to keep it for a bit to see if there is steady progress. But I am not stupid. I did not pay $600 for a good idea never to be realized.

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