Aeros reboots

I have Aeros with firmware 4-2-4 and when I record sounds, after a short time Aeros restarts and remains unable to re-enter, making restarts, which do not enter the program.
I have disconnected him in one of the reboots, the BB midi and he has re-entered the program.
I have gone to updates and I have made diagnoses, to see if they have been sent to Singular Sound.
I am having that problem.
I have recently bought it and I am testing it.
What I can do?
Thank you very much

Hey there, having some trouble understanding exactly what is going wrong, please write to so they can maybe better understand your specific case,

Thank you for reporting!

If you are referring to a random reboot, this happened to me recently: after about 5 mins of playing on one song it suddenly rebooted. One thing I noticed though was that I had a power supply that only provided 300MA at the time and the Aeros requires at least 360MA. I am not sure whether that caused the issue. I have now set the power input to 500MA and as yet it has not repeated the issue but I haven’t really tested for long enough yet to be sure.

Hey there, the minimum the Aeros can run on is 350mA but 500mA is safe too!

Yes, under-powering the device could cause several issues when in use

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