Aeros Record -> Overdub & Delete track on stopped

New Aeros & Beatbuddy user here. Absolutely amazed by what these two fellows can do together. I’ve been having a lot of fun.

Two questions came up in my recent experiments with them which I couldn’t seem to find a solution from the manual (perhaps I missed them).

  1. Is there a way to set Aeros to go from Record -> Overdub -> Playback as you stomp through the buttons instead of Record -> Playback -> Overdub as in the default behaviour?

  2. Is there a way to delete/clear a song when it’s stopped without triggering it to “start” again? A lot of the time I ended the song by stomping on the “Stop All” button. Then when I want to delete the song using footswitches I need to hold the Start/Stop All button, which will trigger the song to play again for a second or so before Aeros asks if I want to delete the song. Is there away to use footswitches to clear songs without trigger this “momentary restart” of the song? Or is the only way to bend down and operate the touch screen?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hey there,

  1. ROP mode will be available in the upcoming release for 3.1.x, there is already a beta available, but it is not quite there yet. We are hoping to release it very soon. You will be able to set it as a device setting (global).

  2. We are aware of this issue, this is because we originally had intended the stop/all button to start and stop on the release instead of the press. We did this for the very reason you are having this issue, because if there is a hold command that clears the song, logically you press as well, the song it starts playing back before the Aeros receives the clear command ~500ms later. However, because we know how important on press commands are, we allowed users to toggle between the Play/ Stop All reacting on the Press or the Release (global setting). If you choose Release, the issue will be gone, but you can no longer start the song right on the press.

Our solution to this dilemma is in our proposed Hands-Free Mode which will change the clearing method to free up the play stop all. We also hope to add a MIDI command for clearing a song eventually, stay tuned on that.

Understood. Thanks Brennan for the clarification. Looking forward to the next release!

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My pleasure! We are too :grin: