Aeros - recording 2nd track adds twice as many measures / Ver 3.1.10

Ok, I didn’t get the memo , and for some reason, when I go to record the second track, the areos add’s another 4 measures and then records even though I hit the button at the 4th measure. Something is different than the previous version. So what am I doing wrong? I did not see anyplace to change this or maybe I missed it.


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Are you using Sync length and start in the song settings? This will make it so that a recording started after the 300ms loop forgiveness for “on the beat” pressing will always start a recording at the same place as the current longest track in the song part. If you turn sync off or set it to only length does this happen? (reminder you can’t change this setting on a track that has already been recorded. Please let me know so I can assist, thanks!

Hi Brennan-
What I have been doing is recording 4 bars for the first track,looping that and then playing that track for another 4 bars and then hittin gnext track to record at the same start point as the first track. For some reason, the second track starts well past the loop point of the first track. I also noticed that the record is activated before the loop point of the first track.

I have looked in settings but dont see anyplace where I can adjust the start point. Does the Beat Buddy have any influence on this issue ?


By the way, I am in 6x6 mode

You are right, When I upgraded to 3.1.1 I forgot to check my settings in the sync settings.

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. Keep up the great work on the software upgrades. Love the midi integration !!



Awesome glad you got it working! The sync settings are best appreciated when doing presses before events, in general the Aeros is designed best to do so, and this is a more modern approach to recording, using pre-emptive setups. We know a lot of the guys that migrated to the Aeros from analog pedals make use of the loop forgiveness (300ms) allowing for “on the beat” presses when in quantized mode or if sync is on.

In the end we want to find a way to make a looper all users can enjoy and rave about to their pals, we feel we are close to that reality!