Aeros review

Aeros linked to beatbuddy is a true game changer. I previously used a EHX 720 the Aeros is the winner. It can be challenging at first use but so is life in general.
Aeros is like learning a new instrument, the more you use it the better you get.
The only thing I don’t like is that it makes me late to work, I’m addicted to this now and playing late every night. It’s just so much fun and has made me a better Musican and I will be adding the MIDI maestro very soon.
One tip found is to name whatever drum track your using in the title of song. This makes it easy to sync back up
Highly recommended
Thank you for this great product


Including drumtrack in song title is a great tip. Thanks.

To address this better, There have been requests for a Notes feature (just a text box) or tighter integration between the BB and Aero.

The notes feature is a simple, no-brainer, thing to add that has may purposes. The title hack is not great … and less useful as SS has restricted the character that can be used in a title (itself not a great solution to some problems in the design).

Most people are surprised that Aeros and BB aren’t completely integrated. That’s not a simple task across the two devices, but not exactly rocket science.

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