Aeros saves and selects beatbuddy song, etc

When we change songs in Aeros, it looks like we have to remember and setup the song, tempo, etc. on the beat buddy.

This feature remembers these settings and sends them to BB over midi. Would probably want this as part of a BB specific midi out mode that allows the BB to stay as the midi master (translation: need to limit what messages the Aeros sends to BB to avoid midi loops when BB is the master)


Yes, it would be so much more helpful if BB would automatically change to the beat and tempo of the loop when you load the loop. If you could edit the song name once you’ve saved the loop I suppose you could write out the beat and tempo in the save name, but that’s still rather cumbersome.

So far, I’ve been naming my loop similar to the beat I plan on using right from the start… Then I just have to make sure I dont change the default tempo of that beat after the fact…

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+1. If I could use Aeros to pre-record rhythm parts for songs and call up the right song on Beat Buddy from Aeros (or vice versa) I would order it right now.

PS… if this is on the short-term roadmap I would also be willing to buy in early.

This should be the one of the most important features not currently implemented!


+1 This kind of total recall would be a very important feature, in my opinion.

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This is something that surprises me, that when recording songs the Aeros does not call up the beat buddy settings (tempo, kit, etc) with all the great features this seems like it would be the most useful. i cant imagine using it live and needing to bend down and adjust the temp and kit. is there not a fix in the works?

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Another vote for this. Aeros needs to be able to tell BB which drumloop and tempo goes with a saved track.

Is there a way to select a track on Aeros using Midi Maestro and then have MM select the drumloop and tempo on BB?

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yes, same request here!

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I Agree-Another vote for this. Aeros saving the information to be able to tell BB which drumloop and tempo goes with a saved Song…Using Midi out from the Aeros-to the Midi in, on the Midi Maestro…OR Midi in on the BB if you don’t have a Midi Maestro…I’ve been writing down in a notebook…Tempo and Drumloop # for each Song…That’s faster for me ,than trying to Text the BB -Style, Drumloop, and Tempo information—into the Aeros Song Name…Especially since the Aeros is on the floor.

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Just feels like i bought another useless looper that i cant gig with, which will pile up with the others. i dont know why in the first place it would have a midi out connection if it is not functional, horse before the cart? i hope they could move this forward in their production without the expense and floor space of yet another piece of gear.

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I understand you’re frustrated, but that’s a pretty short sighted attitude.

If there wasn’t a physical midi out port it would never have the functionality. Since it does have it then all that’s needed is the right firmware to drive it… Which means we can gain functionality without having to buy “another useless looper”.

So this definitely is the “horse before the cart”, which is the right way round.

Would you prefer the software did support it and the hardware you’d bought did not? You can’t download a new socket.

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With the latest software update…I’m using the Midi out from the Aeros to go to my Alesis SR-16 Midi In…Midi Out from the SR-16 goes to any other Midi Processors you Have…Like Digital Delay on a Preamp Modeler-to keep the Tempo Correct for your Delay Time…I’ve been using this same SR-16 since 1993…It has a footswitchable “Fill” Function…2 Simular Patterns and 2 Fills…I’ve used the Alesis-Paired with a LOT of different Drum Machines Through the Years…BB is the Midi Master Tempo…I’m Also using a pair of Temporary Footswitchs plugged into the BB so I don’t even Need to step on the BB Pedal itself…All Footswitches are on the Same Level…I use other Loopers Too…

I was just about to add a topic about the Aeros song recalling a BeatBuddy song and tempo, and then I found this thread already existed. Is this a feature that can be implemented? With so many BeatBuddy songs having similar and sometimes long names, I find it challenging to keep track of which BeatBuddy song and tempo go along with my Aeros song. Can this be synchronized via MIDI so that I don’t have to use some other cumbersome method? I don’t see that this was ever resolved, or am I missing something?

Can’t believe this is not a feature out of the box. I really want to buy an Aeros but can’t if the BB and Aeros aren’t synced like this. Especially given the price point. Also, it is marketed as a single cohesive drum and loop solution. I have a BB but use the Boss rc10r for now as it syncs drum and loop as standard from one pedal. It’s a shame because the BB are and Aeros are a different class in terms of quality of sounds and better multi-part features. Also I really like the vibe of the singular sound company.

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For the tempo I do following
On the BB, set the sync to “While playing”’ in this case the BB sync with the looper only when BB is playing
If you save a loop on the Aeros with ex : tempo 97 bpm, than you can load it , and will see on the screen of the Aeros the 97 BPM, just set the right tempo on the BB !
But if you choose for “Always sync” on the BB, When you load a song at 97 bpm and the BB is on 159 bpm the tempo gonna changing immediately on the Aeros at 159 bpm.
For the kit and genre just type it on the song name Bl=blues , Ro =rock, dkd= drumkit dance etc…

… and if you have anything recorded on the Aeros it will happily play back without any warnings … but the the playback will have “issues”.

Yes it’s pretty disappointing, I just started a topic on this subject … If I understood correctly in the Maestro there is no preset memory, song title and basic parameters like song tempo. The Aeros has no midi clock out, almost unusable on stage in a big pedalboard ??