Aeros says 500ma input req, but 360 ma adapter included?

I’m sure this is addressed, but my keywords are not finding it. I’m just now hooking up the BB and the Aeros looper. My intention was to power it with my Voodoo lab mondo block, from 2 separate 400ma outputs. The included power adapter is supposedly 360ma, but the pedals themselves say 500ma input. Can I go from 400ma isolated on the mondo or not? Otherwise I gotta run wall warts. Thanks

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Please don’t post the same question twice—I removed your duplicate post. If anyone knows the answer, they’ll reply to your originally posted question.

If you have the Voodoo Labs PSU, you could always try it and let us know. You probably won’t harm anything as long as you use 9VDC center post negative.

BTW, my Singular Sound power adaptor labels indicate 500mA output.

Here’s a reference you might have missed Power Supplies