Aeros sending Midi Clock out

Hello, I have read the various 'aeros master" requests, but they seem to be mixed with various "make aeros a midi master with a lot of features " feature requests.
My feature request is very simple, I’d like the aeros to be set to a bpm (tap tempo or hard coded set in song settings) and then when the song recording is started for the aeros to send out a midi clock based on that bpm and a midi start. I can see this getting more complicated from there being that you could send the midi clock and start/stop cmds separately etc… but I see this as mvp.
Doing this in quantized mode (the whole auto set a BPM to some free form loop is totally extraneous to this basic functionality IMHO) .
I’d also like to request a rough timeframe of when this might be delivered. The work around is to have the Aeros as a slave, but that does not work correctly right now.

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Hey there,

I understand the simplicity of your request, but this is really part of Aeros having master capabilities, and will be addressed once we make that change in the firmware. We won’t be doing this separately from the rest of the tasks necessary for that change.

Thank you for your request!