Aeros sending midi command to synchronise use with other loopers/ devices

I am currently using the Aeros, the beat buddy and the voicelive touch for vocal processing. All 3 devices are connected toghether through midi and share the same clock. When performing I use the Aeros for ad hoc looping and or pre recorded loop of my guitar and bass so that I can act as a one man band. I also use the looping capability of my voice processor to loop my own voice and create more complex or fuller ambiance. my challenge is the following. in a typical song i will create a voice loop for the Chorus and would like to shut it down as I transition to the verse. I LOVE the fact that the aeros has the ability to transition to the next section on the following measure/bar as I release the pedal of my BB. the thing is that my voicelive touch would need a different cc then the one sent by my bb in order to react. using a separate controller such as the Maestro won’t do the trick as the Aeros will continue to behave as it does (start on the next bar) while the voicelive or any looping dev will receive the cc command and act on it as it gets the message. It would be great if the aeros could send CC command(s) as it transition to the next song section. From my point of view, that could allow some automation ( start, stop, pause loop on other looping devices, sending guitar preset for chorus and verse etc ) and and limit some of the tap dancing we have to do. Anybody living the same kind situation who has found a work around.

AFAIK, the Aeros should pass through the midi CC sent by the BB for the transition. Midi devices after the Aeros should receive the same midi CC the BB sent to the Aeros.

You are right and I should have been more specific. My voicelive touch does not respond to cc102 as the midi mapping is different. The CC44 is the specific CC that need to be sent in order for the voicelive touch looper to either stop, play, record (depending on the value sent) the other challenge is that within the configuration of the Aeros you can set it so that the transition to the next section either happens on the next bar or at the end of the loop. the voicelive touch or any other looper I know with midi capability won’t to my knowledge behave that way. (it will process the command at the milisecond it receives it) This is why I am questionning if the Aeros could be sending it’s own midi cc as he is transitionning to the next section. that would allow to use the BB to initiate transition to the next part and not have to tap dance to the other devices we all have in our rig for which presets needs to be changed or loopers to be stopped.

I think the BB lets you configure the CC’s it uses, but the Aeros does not.

You’re probably asking a lot to change the midi mapping to support different device’s CC formats. (And if you’re using midi thru the Aeros from the BB, the Aeros should leave the midi alone.). There are midi mapping devices that can perform this translation for you that you can insert in front of the voicelive.

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Hey there, this seems related to the Aeros acting as a Master device, which, once we build, will likely include setting up CC commands it sends out as it transitions.

Does that sound right? Is that the bulk of what you need?

Let me know thanks!

Hello Brennan, to answer your question. My hope would be to keep on using the BB to transition from one section to another. I do like the fact that as I press the BB it starts with his transition fill and only send the command to go to the next section as I release the pedal. I like the fact that the Aeros will transition to the next section on the next bar(or end of loop depending on settings) as the way it behave does provide me some leeway as I play, sing and entertain the crowd. I guess that if the Aeros acting as a master would allow that same behavior I could easily change my way of doing and control my act trough the aeros instead of the BB. That said my initial concern or challenge is tied to the fact that I am using the looping functionnality of my voice processor in order to take advantage of the harmonization feature while creating voice loops. initially, the way I was seing it, I was not hoping to get full midi functionnality from the Aeros as I don’t consider it as a midi controller such as the Maestro. I was thinking and hoping that the Aeros could eventually sent a different CC message when triggered to perform section or song part change so that I could stop, play, record with this other looper in sync with the BB and Aeros. Since my voicelive touch2 loop functions respond to CC44 and not to CC102 I was hoping that the Aeros could eventually send Separate CC messages on different channels when it is triggered to change section. Should this functionnality be added it would/could also allow me to change my guitar preset as I transition from the verse to the chorus or vice versa.
From my point of view that would bring some real added value in the way I use both the BB and Aeros as a combination as it would allow some type of automation while keeping the flexibility I get in the way I decide to perform a song using both the BB and aeros. i.e. When I get the crowd to sing the chorus I may decide to double the duration of it and this is the real value I see in using the BB and aeros instead of pre recorded backing tracks as it allow me to perform in a more dynamic way.

Hey again,

Unfortunately, your dreams may not be feasible. The limitations of MIDI 1.0 make it unlikely we could create the kind of symbiosis you’re looking for where either device can control the other on the fly. We do plan on looking into methods to make the best of what we have, possibly by using some MIDI behavioral templates and complex MIDI filtering.

Here’s one topic on that

As far as the Aeros sending a settable MIDI command at each part change, that is not something we have planned, feel free to make a feature request specifying what you would want to see it do


This is inaccurate. You can do some version of this if you modify the firmware of both devices and connect the bb midi in to the aeros out and the aeros midi in to the bb midi out.

Please don’t link this to a change as big and future dated as Midi 2.0. My guess is this is possible in 1-2 man months.

If you wanted another midi device in the mix, that device or another one would have to allow for the routing and have the necessary midi outs. The midi maestro would be in the latter camp. Shame.


Never said never :slight_smile: