Aeros setup diagrams

I’ve been looking around but really difficult to find setup diagrams for how to insert the Aeros into a guitar rig.
Should the Aeros get into the guitar amp effect loop? (like a standard looper would)
Or should the amp be routed through a DI box into the Aeros and then get the output into an audio monitoring system? What about having a bass amp and a guitar amp into the setup (to layer)? Where should each one be plugged?
How to best integrate a beatbuddy and an Aero for the audio part (I get the midi sync)?
Hopefully I don’t have to setup a full home studio to get a good looper :joy:

Thanks in advance for the help!

Use it as you would any looper.

If I was going to route a guitar and a bass simultaneously, I would route one in and out left channel, and the other in/out the right channel. Then each signal is sent to it’s own amp.

My setup: I don’t use an effects loop. I run clean amps with effects before the amp. My guitar looper is usually after delay but before modulation effects (phaser, chorus, etc.), which are before the amp. I also have my guitar included in a mix sent to a separate software looper that includes all other instruments (keys, drums, Vox, etc.) So, there are a variety of options.

I don’t own a BeatBuddy, so I can’t comment on that.

Thanks for the feedback!
That’s exactly what I was wondering about : using bass and guitar as right/left in the stereo seems a great solution. No more cabling changes in the middle of rehearsal :grin:
It would even give a third in/out loop through the Aux plugs?
Anyway, seems like a great solution, very tempting!

You can use the aux input but it doesn’t get you two independent channels. They’re mixed into the input with the main channels. So while you can easily do two independent instruments in and then out to two separate mixer channels, you can’t do four instruments.

Depending on what you want though, that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. If you just want to not have to swap plugs and want guitar and bass available one at a time, it could work perfectly for you.

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