Aeros Sleep Mode Request

Is it possible to add a Sleep Mode to the Aeros similar to the Beat Buddy. Also when in sleep mode allow Audio to pass thru the unit. I have the Aeros setup between my mixer and Monitors and would be nice to not always have the screen on when not using the looper directly.


Fully agreed, the screen turning black when nothing is played or recorded (duration before entering “idle-mode” provided in the config) while keeping the true bypass active would be great !
Requires something visual to remind the unit is not really powered down, to avoid forgetting… :wink:

This might be related to the request for a “park mode” for when you don’t want the Aeros to start recording/playback when the BeatBuddy starts a part.

Maybe an additional option for a screen saver ?

Add another vote/request for a sleep mode for the Aeros. Unless there’s been significant testing done that there is no screen damage done by leaving it always on, dimming or turning the screen off seems a good idea.

Also, add another vote for “park mode”.



Hey guys,

This is definitely something we’d like to look into, stay tuned!