Aeros software update working?

I have connected to WiFi but when I go to updates it says I am not connected. Is this working for everyone else?

I noticed the same thing. I switched to the WIFI screen and it shows I am connected. Went back to the Updates screen and the Not Connected status is no longer displayed.

I think it takes a few seconds for the Updates to find your connection and once it finds it, then it displays.

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Are you going shortly after startup/connecting or giving it a few seconds as persist mentioned? We tested all the units to ensure that wifi connection and updates worked before sending them out, and I personally don’t notice any delay between connecting and that not connected status no longer displaying, but potentially internet speeds play a role.

I’m not familiar enough with the mechanic to say for sure, but I could easily see it being a case where it sends a test packet or pings the server to ensure it’s able to connect to it (independent of connecting to wifi) and thus if the internet is a bit slower takes a few moments to confirm that connection. I know we’re on fiber optic here so it’d make sense if we don’t see that for our units.

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My Aeros said “not connected” until a new firmware version was available, then pressing update installed the new version.