Aeros some question

BB is set as a transmitter and Aeros as a receiver (slave).
When I switch from part 1 to part 2 in song on the BB via the MM controller, Aros automatically starts recording a new track.
Where in the settings should I turn off so that this does not happen?

Does the volume have to be adjusted again for each new Aeros loop track?
Is it possible to save the appropriate volume for the loop once and keep it saved?

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by “new track” could you mean the Aeros is transitioning to a new part? The BeatBuddy sends a CC:102 command to transition the Aeros when the BeatBuddy is transmitter (master) and the Aeros is receiver (slave) which transitions the Aeros to the next part in 2x2 and the selected part in 6x6.

To stop this from being sent turn off the CC:102 command from being sent by the BeatBuddy, open the settings and go to Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Next Part CC:102 and disable it.

If the Aeros is receiving and listening to the MIDI Maestro (which sends CC:113 transition commands) it will still transition, make sure you either are sending the command to a channel the Aeros is not listening to or disabling the CC:113 command for transitioning in the MIDI in filter page in the Aeros device settings (MIDI > MIDI In > Filter)

You can also modify the commands you send to control the devices more independently

Check out the full MIDI command list here

If your issue is that the Aeros is meant to transition but it is not meant to start recording make sure that you have the Next Part Record Behavior setting turned off. Please note that the Aeros will always start a recording if you switch to an empty part with nothing recorded to it.

Yes, a new part will always have the tracks set to 0dB before the volume has been edited, but you could quickly set all of the track volumes in the current part using the MIDI mixer commands to set a specific value, learn more in the online MIDI commands doc and in the Aeros Manual

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