Aeros - Song Stopping During Loops

Hey guys, I’m running the Aeros with BB and midi maestro… and I really love it. I’ve just had an issue pop up a few times whilst live lately, where changing song parts (both with the Aeros next part, and the midi meastro part selection) has stopped the entire loop. Only the beat buddy continues. Am I being a little heavy footed and holding, or double tapping by accident, is it a bug, or is there something else I can to stop this happening?

Hey there, can you give me as much of the following info as possible? Thanks!:

  • Description: What actually happened?
  • Version Number: x.x.x
  • Steps To Reproduce:
  • Expected vs actual Behavior:
  • Visual proof : Photo, video, audio?

Song configuration:

  • Song saved: SD | Aeros
  • Record: Mono | Stereo
  • Track button action: RPO | ROP
  • Number of tracks: 6x6 | 2x2
  • Quantize: on | off
  • Count in: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3
  • Sync rule: start & length | length | off

Other important info:

  • Change song part: Immediate | End of measure | End of Loop
  • Stop song: Immediate | End of measure | End of Loop
  • With equipment : BeatBuddy | Midi maestro | other