Aeros start empty project without record anything

is there a way to start an empty project with only the metronome is clicking or the beat buddy is running a beat without starting to record a track? Normally I’m using the EHX 22500 Looper by selecting a drum loop to jam over it until I’ve found a nice idea for this beat. Then I start recording the first loop. This style of looping is very inspiring for me. Is this possible with the Aeros?

Hey there, I take it the Aeros will be acting as the receiver here and that this device is sending midi start and midi sync?

If it is sending MIDI start/stop commands the Aeros, you can change how the Aeros responds to MIDI Start in the device settings, simply press on the record option to disengage recording when receiving Start. This means that the Aeros will “playback” in an empty part and will start recording at the next measure.

This setup only works with quantized mode.

I believe this is the solution, if not let me know!

thanks for the fast response.
I already have tested this with the Digitech SDrum as the master clock but very often I don’t have an idea what to record - I need some inspiration by jamming over a metronmoe or drum beat - also to find the right speed of playing. I would like to have an option where the empty part will not start recording at the next measure. Then I can jam over the drum beats until I’ve found a nice riff and click on “record” when I’m ready - then the empty part will start recording at the next measure.

For instance:

  1. create a new song
  2. start looping by clicking “start” switch or by starting a drum machine
  3. project starts in play mode only
  4. jam over the metronome or drum beat until you are ready to record the loop
  5. click on record to arm the first track
  6. now it starts recoroding at the next measure

with this option you don`t have to plan your starting track before using the Aeros looper. Maybe this can be done by adding another behaviour which can be set in the project or global settings if this is not possible with the latest firmware?

Hey again,

This is something the Aeros does already, yes, follow the directions in my previous reply to get it functioning in this manner!

Yes, it is working with the SDrum following your instructions :grinning:. But when I’m not using a drum machine and want to jam over the internal metronome - how can I stop recording an empty project without stopping the metronome? I couldn’t get this to work. Is this possible?
Something I noticed - somehow a tiny bit of the beginning of each loop is missing - like a fast fade in effect was added. When recording drums it is most noticeable. Does the Aeros fade in the beginning of each track and is it possible to turn this feature off? Also the waveforms have gaps sometimes (but sound is there).

Make sure the Aeros is registering the SDRUM when it is working alongside it, the Aeros needs to read MIDI Sync ON in order to work correctly.

If you are not using them together, be sure that the SDRUM has stopped sending MIDI clock or to disconnect it because the Aeros will still receive this information while connected. We are planning on creating a way to filter beat and time signature information but that will be on a later update.

What you are describing sounds like a known bug where tempo mismatch causes the Aeros to have mishaps when recording audio, like audio holes both auditory and visual or both.

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I agree totally