Aeros studio audio routing

I got a question on audio routing, I got the Aeros, BBuddy, and Midi Maestro. I’m running my instruments, guitar/bass from Helix rack, and Pod Go into a PreSonus Studiolive series III 24 mixer/interface to monitors.i got the beat buddy into couple of Joe meek oneQ2’s and main out of Aeros to a couple dbx channel strips. both into same Studiolive mixer. I know it’s complicated I’m getting there, I’m monitoring the loopstudio outs from my control room outs of mixer. Can I run main outs from mixer to Aeros main in so I don’t have to keep hooking and unhooking different instruments to Aeros main in without it causing a feedback loop? I can Isolate the instrument I’m recording to go to Aeros main in. I don’t want the Aeros outs to be rerecorded back into the Aeros inputs. If you have any suggestions on the best way to hook into my studio gear. Thanks

If I’m understanding you correctly I think I would monitor everything thru the main outs of the studio live then set up a pre fade aux send to feed the Aeros with whatever instrument/channel you want to record. Since you’re monitoring everything in the board you would select the Aeros input to not go to the Aeros output and only have the loop playback go to the Aeros output and back into channels in the studio live. As long as you’re careful not to send the channels with the Aeros output in them down the aux send that feed the Aeros you won’t get a feedback loop.

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That was my other option to go out the aux/matrix mix out just all 16 outputs are hooked up to patch bays hooked to outboard gear. I have another monitor system going out to live room/rehearsal sound system I ended up running the Aeros output through, also AVB network personal headphone mixer line outs I can Isolate separate signals out of, good clean stereo signal back to Aeros inputs I didn’t even think about. Thanks for reply appreciated.