Aeros Studio

Just to confirm: When the Beat Buddy is used with the Areos Studio Looper, and one is the 2x2 mode, is the Beat Buddy drummer taking up one of the tracks, or are there still two tracks available and the Beat Buddy drummer is automatically recorded? Also, when putting your work on a S-card, does the recording also include the drum track of the Beat Buddy, or is that just for playback? Thanks. JR

Normally, one doesn’t record the Beat Buddy. If you wanted to record the Beat Buddy, it would take up one of the tracks. But, since the Beat Buddy is already “recorded” in itself, why would you do that? Think of it this way - 1) you decide to record the Beat Buddy. 2), then when you loop, you have the Beat Buddy unit playing along with the recorded BB, you have doubled the drums. 3) If you stop the BB, the Aeros stops too, as you have them synced up.

So, yes, along with that, to answer your second question, the drums would not be recorded on the SD card, unless you had been recording the BB in the first place.

Thanks Phil and I totally understand your point about dual recording. Since the Areos stores the recordings, I was just wondering if I could use the Areos to build backing tracks and move them to a computer. It sounds like I would just be moving the recorded tracks to the s-card and put the Beat Buddy in the DAW separately. Is that the way you recommend?


That’s a way I might approach it. Since I already have the BB midi files, I would likely bring those into my DAW and then I could use whatever drum kits I wanted to trigger the midi. If I wanted the BB kits, I could build them in the DAW from the BB’s Waves, but, in reality, I’d be more like to use something from Native Instrument’s Abbey Road series or the Steven Slate drums, or the IK Multimedia Billy Cobham, Terry Bozzio, etc. The thing is, if I have the midi files that trigger the drums, which I do if I have a BB, then the midi files give me much more flexibility for that part of the project.

Thanks Phil,

Your approach sounds a little more sophisticated and maybe beyond my skill set. I’m just wanting to lay down (for the most part) a nice basic real sounding drum part for a few basic chords for a song.

I had the Beat Buddy once and decided to sell it and regretted it so looking in to another one with the Areos.


I’d definitely suggest routing the BeatBuddy into your DAW on separate tracks, not through the Aeros. That will give you maximum flexibility when working in the DAW.