Aeros Temp Setting - use wheel to adjust

This is a new request but it is based on a previous batched request. I am resubmitting this request, as I was advised that batch requests on the same topic were not submissible.

The subject issue is how to resolve the problem of the “too sensitive” slider adjustment used for setting temp on the Aeros (5.0.0)

This is my preferred suggested solution compared to the original , as it provides for a faster and more precise adjustment and also permits hands free operation for manually setting tempo.

The idea is to consider using the wheel to adjust the BPM. A menu item on the touch screen “change BPM” could be added. When selected, this would activate the wheel for a BPM adjustment.

Since there are no mechanical stops on the wheel, the starting value is relative and the progression ratio of the wheel movement change / delta BPM is totally programable. Also, you could have the progression ratio be dynamic based on wheel velocity. Example is to have a 2 stage progression. When the wheel is turned quickly above a threshold RPM, the BPM would incremnt by 10 BPM per unit movement of the wheel. When the wheel is turned slowly, the BPM would change by 1. This would allow a rapid sweep when making large BPM changes and also allowing for fine tuning.

If you use the wheel, the BPM could be another hands free adjustment!!

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Rereading this it seems you may not be aware that the wheel can already be used hands free by tapping Edit with the right button while highlighting the slider you wish to edit. Then you can use the wheel to edit the value, and click the right button to confirm it.

We also are introducing a new design with a + and - included to allow for better editing with the screen soon,

Let me know if this is the solution!

You can find a very informative video about all the 5.0.x features in this video!

And the Aeros Manual for 5.0.x is also very informative!

Thanks for the feedback

I was not specifically aware that the wheel can be used to adjust tempo. I will check it out. Thank you.

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